It’s not very common to see snow in Georgia, but this year has been an exception to the rule. As snow came down during a “week of weather mood swings,” according to Forbes, the state saw snow accumulate, which is unusual. Unfortunately, the snow did lead to some accidents.

As the weather switched between rain and snow, the forecast called for chilly temperatures and a potential for snowfall, black ice, sleet and other hazardous conditions. The state saw Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories in the north and even throughout Atlanta’s metropolitan area.

Drivers who have to be out in this weather need to be cautious. The reality is that Georgia doesn’t see snow often, so many drivers are unfamiliar with winter-weather driving and may not have the skills needed to navigate on slick roads. Drivers need to slow down and remember to pull over if they are having trouble staying on the roads.

How uncommon is this cold front and the snowy conditions it brought to Georgia?

It’s fairly normal for Georgia to see some snow each year, though it usually averages only 2.9 inches across the entire year. January tends to be the snowiest month, but February can see snowstorms, too. This time, some areas of Georgia saw up to five inches of snow, which is a little out of the norm.

What should you do if you’re caught in a sudden, and unexpected, snowstorm?

If you are caught off-guard by a snowstorm, make sure you know the steps to take next. Keep your windows defrosting, use your wipers and turn on your hazard lights if you want to slow down or stop. Be cautious, so drivers around you know which maneuvers you plan to make and give yourself plenty of time to slow and stop. Doing these things can help you prevent a serious accident.