When people panic, they may do things that are dangerous or threatening to others. Frightened people may also lash out at others or do things they wouldn’t normally do, like speed or run into a crosswalk without looking.

With the scare of the Coronavirus in full force, panic-buying is something you need to watch out for. There have been some reports of large crowds of shoppers fighting each other over staples like toilet paper or milk. Recently, a fight broke out at a Sam’s Club in Hiram, Georgia.

The national news reported that a man in a motorized shopping cart hit another couple’s cart with their child inside. As a result of the minor  shopping cart collision, the mother confronted the man in the motorized cart. Then, she hit him and said that he had rammed the cart.

It’s reported that the man in the cart tried to back away, but the couple continued to confront him. Eventually, the man in the cart grabbed a wine bottle, allegedly to defend himself with, and ended up in a wine-bottle fight with the father of the child. Both bottles were broken by the time that the police arrived on the scene.

The police officer reported that both parties were hurt, and they had to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. It was reported that all three will face criminal charges.

This kind of situation may happen more frequently as people panic over the viral spread, but it’s important to remember to be kind to one another and respectful of each other’s space. Injured parties may be able to file a claim against aggressors, and those who attack others could face criminal charges.