When a motorcyclist is out on the road, they are almost certainly focused on making it to their destination safely. Unfortunately, their ability to do this doesn’t always depend on themselves. They count on other drivers to help them to remain safe. All drivers must ensure they do their part so that everyone can make it home safely.

The small profile of a motorcycle makes it difficult for drivers to see them sometimes. This is a huge problem around intersections, especially when there are hazards that obscure the driver’s line of sight. Because of this, all drivers must ensure they’re taking a few seconds to double-check that there isn’t a motorcyclist in the area.

Another issue is that some drivers don’t think that they need to give motorcyclists the right of way that the biker is due. For some reason, they see motorcycles as being inferior to them. The laws are clear that motorcycles are due the exact same right of way that other vehicles are. Around two-thirds of crashes between a car and a motorcycle are due to the motorist failing to obey right of way laws.

Motorcycle wrecks are serious matters. Bikers who are involved in these crashes are likely going to suffer serious injuries that require considerable medical care. In fact, they are five times more likely to be injured and 26 times more likely to die than people who are in a passenger vehicle when there is a motorcycle versus vehicle crash. The financial impact can be great, so they might choose to seek compensation from the negligent driver who struck them.