Did you lose a loved one recently? If they passed away in their sleep, with no one else around, you may be wondering what happened. While the first step is to check with the professionals who carried out the autopsy, it is worth noting that even these procedures may not give you a specific reason. Just saying that the heart or lungs stopped working is helpful, but you may still wonder why they stopped working. 

Naturally, each case is unique and you have to gather a lot of information to discover what really happened, but here are a few reasons people pass away while sleeping for you to consider:

  • They had a sleep disorder
  • They took medication for a sleep disorder that increased the risks of death
  • They took another medication, or a combination of them, that only began to affect them after they fell asleep
  • They overdosed on medication or drugs
  • Foul play was involved, as homicides may happen more in the night
  • They suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning
  • They had a fatal disease that went undiagnosed
  • They simply passed away of old age

In some of these cases, you may quickly place the blame on a third party. Should the doctor have made a proper diagnosis of that disease so they could get treatment? Did a landlord install a faulty heating system that led to the carbon monoxide poisoning? Did your loved one take a dangerous drug or, while in the hospital, were they given a lethal combination of medications by a healthcare professional?

If you have started asking these types of questions, make sure you know what legal rights you have