Did you know you have a one in 23 chance of being in a traffic accident if you live in Gwinnett County?

Georgia Highway Safety statistics for 2017 show 39,970 traffic accidents for a population of 920,260. One in three of these accidents resulted in injuries.

What injuries could you suffer in a car accident?

Cars are the most common vehicles on our roads and have more accidents than any other type of vehicle. Precisely because there are more of them. If you are in a car accident, you could suffer one or more types of injury:

  • Head injuries: You could hit your head on the steering wheel, dashboard or windscreen. While you can see cuts and bruises, what about injuries inside your head? You could be concussed, go into a coma, lose your sight, lose your hearing or even get permanent brain damage.
  • Neck and back injuries: You could get whiplash if your head gets thrown forward suddenly. It is common when someone hits your car from behind. If you damage your spinal cord, it could paralyze you for life.
  • Chest injuries: You could break your ribs or puncture your lung, especially if you are the driver, as the steering wheel is at chest level.
  • Vital organ injuries: You could puncture your internal organs or damage them, with life-threatening consequences.
  • Limb injuries: You could break bones, or damage the soft tissues around them, possibly affecting your mobility for years to come.
  • Psychological injuries: You could suffer mentally. Being in a car crash could result in lifelong damage to your mental health.

Even if you walk away from a car accident thinking you are lucky enough to have escaped injury, you may want to talk to an attorney with experience in personal injury claims for car accidents. While you may feel okay at the time, remember, not all car accident injuries show themselves straight away.