As many in Georgia know, despite traffic lights, signage and laws about when to yield — all of them intended to keep drivers and pedestrians safe — intersections are still one of the most dangerous places on the road. This hazardousness is mainly because of the many vehicles that go through busy intersections day in and day out. The busier the crossroads, the more chance there is for an accident to occur.

In the United States, more than half of all fatal and injury crashes happen inside or close to intersections. Human error may be the biggest factor in why intersections are dangerous, but for one reason or another, certain crossroads are statistically more accident-prone than others. In fact, one of the most hazardous crossroads in Georgia is in Stone Mountain at the intersection of Memorial Drive and North Hairston Road, only about 20 miles from Lawrenceville.

Here are several common factors to watch for that can contribute to making an intersection hazardous:

  • Bad or risky drivers
  • High traffic volume
  • Limited visibility
  • Confusing or inadequate signage
  • Lack of turning lanes
  • Sun glare
  • Poor street lighting

Other curveballs that can be thrown a driver’s way include ambulances speeding through the intersection, a jaywalker stepping into the road or dozens of other factors. No matter what, it’s important to drive defensively and expect the unexpected. Still, accidents do happen.

If you or a loved one are hurt in an auto accident, it’s vital to know your rights and understand your legal options. A Georgia attorney with experience in personal injury law and motor vehicle accidents may be able to help you get fu financial compensation after the crash.