Many types of accidents can lead to spinal cord injuries. You might have been in a motor vehicle accident or had a bad fall that caused this type of injury. Regardless of how you suffered the injury, the fact that you have a long road to recovery before you. The sad fact is that you might not ever return to the lifestyle that you knew before the accident. 

There are two primary pieces of information you need to know when you suffer a spinal cord injury: The type of injury and its location.

The type of injury is either “complete” or “incomplete.” A complete injury means that there isn’t any sensation or mobility in the area below the injury. An incomplete injury means that you do have some sensation or mobility, even if they are greatly diminished, in the impacted area. Generally, an incomplete injury will mean a fuller recovery than a complete one.

The location of the injury matters because parts of the body below that location are the ones that will be affected. A neck injury will impact all four limbs, but a lower back injury will only affect the legs. For this reason, higher injuries are likely going to impact you more than lower ones. 

If you suffered a spinal cord injury because someone else was negligent, you might opt to seek compensation for the damages that came with the injury. This is a way that you can try to shift the financial burden from yourself to the party who caused the accident. Georgia law sets strict time limits for this, so be sure you act swiftly to get your claim filed before time runs out.