A small, friendly gathering of neighbors in Richmond Hill turned tragic after a 41-year-old mother of two was paralyzed in what has been labeled a “freak accident” on a waterslide over the recent Memorial Day weekend.

According to the victim and her husband, the woman was doing what came naturally to her — playing with the neighborhood kids. As an eighth-grade teacher, she is comfortable around kids. In fact, her spouse described her as “the life of the party.” While she was on the slide, one of the kids accidentally collided with her, causing a C7 spinal injury that left her immobile from the chest down.

Waterslide accidents tend to be more common during the summer months. Even when people aren’t at the waterparks in the area, they may participate in community events involving inflatable waterslides like the one that was involved with the woman’s injury.

Potential waterslide injuries include:

  • Riders are supposed to be spaced far enough apart so that there’s little or no chance of the kind of accident mentioned above.
  • Steps get slippery and people have been known to tumble off the top of unstable inflatables, which can easily lead to broken bones and head trauma.
  • Children and adults alike can actually drown in only a small amount of water, so don’t let the shallowness of the pool at the end of the slide fool you.

If you or your loved one was seriously injured on a waterslide, you may have legal options for financial recovery available to you. Sometimes, a premises liability claim can hold the operator of the slide responsible, while other times you may need to press a claim against the slide’s designer or manufacturer due to safety defects in the slide itself. An experienced attorney can help you take action.