Dog bites can happen suddenly and without warning. They can leave you with serious scarring or disfigurement. If the bite gets infected, it could be life-threatening. Children, in particular, face high risks for fatal accidents because they are more likely to suffer bites in the head and neck area.

With these serious ramifications on the line, it’s wise to know why dogs bite and what you may be able to do to avoid it. A few reasons include:

  • The dog is afraid of you, even if it has no reason to be.
  • The dog is eating and trying to protect its food.
  • You startled the dog when you approached it.
  • The dog is protecting its puppies.
  • The dog thinks you are invading its territory.
  • Something that you did, such as jogging by the dog’s house, triggered the instincts that it has to chase prey.
  • The dog is injured or sick and knows it is vulnerable.
  • The dog was simply trying to play, but it got too riled up or acted in a fashion that was too aggressive.
  • The dog has not been socialized and does not know how to act around people.

On top of all of this, some dogs get more aggressive when things in their lives undergo serious changes. For instance, if the human couple that owns the dog has a child, the dog may think that it is its duty to protect the baby, and it could bite people who get too close.

If you get bitten for any reason and you’re facing high medical bills and related costs, you need to be sure of your rights to financial compensation.