Pharmacists go through extensive training so that they can properly mix and dispense medication for patients. Unfortunately, many pharmacies have more customers than their staff can reasonably handle.

Understaffing and fatigue or career burnout can easily cause a pharmacist to make a mistake and give you the wrong medication. What can you do if a pharmacist makes a major error while dispensing your drugs?

The many negative consequences of inaccurate dispensing

If a pharmacist gives you the wrong medication, there can be a host of negative consequences. The first and most obvious is that you don’t get the medication you actually need. That could result in severe reactions, such as chemical withdrawal in the case of medications that cause physical dependence.  There is also the potential for a condition to worsen when someone doesn’t get the right treatment.

Beyond that, it’s possible that the improperly dispensed drug might have an interaction with another medication that you take. You could also be allergic to the drug. Any of those scenarios could result in serious harm to you and additional medical expenses.

What can you do after a pharmacist makes a critical error?

When a pharmacist makes a major mistake, someone could lose their life. Whether the mistake caused a bad reaction for you or your loved one, you may have the right to bring a malpractice claim against the pharmacist who dispensed the medication.

Discussing the situation as soon as possible with an attorney familiar with this very specific area of law can give you an idea of whether your case is actionable or not.