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The pain associated with a serious injury can be very difficult and the road to recovery even tougher. Often, people are hurt through the gross negligence of others. As reputed personal injury lawyers in Georgia, we at Lawson Law, P.C., are proud to help those injured through the actions of others seek justice for their injuries and their suffering.

We strive to be the firm you feel comfortable coming to after a personal injury. There is a lot at stake when choosing which lawyer will represent you. We promise to earn your trust with our firm’s welcoming atmosphere, open lines of communication and dedication to a just result.

Getting Fair Compensation After An Automobile Accident

Distracted drivers are the root cause of many traffic accidents on the United States roadways. In other situations, drivers who are drunk or aggressive cause wrecks that are catastrophic or even fatal. Finally, simple carelessness, such as failing to look when changing lanes or making a left turn, can have terrible consequences.

If you or your loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, you need personal injury lawyers devoted to learning as much about all contributing factors as possible. Minor details that are often overlooked can lead to major differences that hold negligent drivers accountable. As your personal injury lawyers, we will go the extra step to pursue justice for you in Georgia.

Holding Businesses Liable For Premises Liability

On a simple visit to your favorite restaurant, the carelessness of a worker or failure of a property manager to make conditions safe in the establishment can lead to horrific, life-changing personal injuries. Poorly lit and secured apartment complexes sometimes give rise to injuries to innocent that were entirely avoidable had the business invested a few more dollars into better security and surveillance.

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we ensure thorough investigation of your case, develop a comprehensive legal strategy for you and advocate for you zealously. We believe that justice for you is the most important objective of our firm.

Seeking Justice After A Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is always heartbreaking. When loved ones die unexpectedly due to the actions of others, the family is faced with the additional anxiety of replacing that person’s contribution to the family. We are sympathetic and deferential to your family’s grief, and we are humbled to help your family seek truth and justice.

We Help You Face Negligent Trucking Companies

Driver fatigue can reduce a truck driver’s reaction time and judgment. Often those critical milliseconds that an otherwise well-trained driver needs to manage a carrier are lost due to sleepiness, moments needed to avoid major accidents that can affect the lives of innocent victims. We are devoted to investigating and using all of our resources to uncover the truth about your collision with a commercial truck.

Maximum Damages For Prescription Errors

While most pharmacists perform their duties competently, mistakes do happen. Miscommunication amongst staff in a pharmacy or hospital, mislabeling of prescription bottles, and even pharmacies who cut costs by understaffing their pharmacies with lower qualified workers are some common causes of prescription error. Whatever the cause, a patient being provided a wrong dosage or a wrongful medication can be seriously or even fatally injured. We will work with the necessary experts and develop an aggressive strategy to pursue justice for you if you have been the victim of a prescription error.

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