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Collecting Compensation After A Collision With Injuries

A serious car accident triggers several areas of concern simultaneously, including:

  • Medical care needs for an injured driver, passenger or someone outside the car (a pedestrian or bicyclist)
  • Insurance coverage concerns and a need to communicate with one or more insurers
  • Legal questions of liability and compensation, requiring careful study of state laws and insurance policies

When someone has been seriously injured, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer with a strong track record in motor vehicle accident case recoveries. A knowledgeable attorney will get to work on all critical matters such as:

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Evaluation of medical records and doctors’ prognoses
  • Documentation of current expenses and future needs of the injured
  • Preparation of compelling arguments to present to insurance claims adjusters, juries or a judge

Drawing On Experts To Support Your Claim

At Lawson Law, P.C., all that we do is with the goal of making our injured clients whole again. With ample compensation, they may gain access to the best medical care providers. Someone with a back, neck or shoulder injury, a spinal cord injury, or a traumatic brain injury (TBI) will likely need therapy, medical equipment, a long time off work and, possibly, the service of personal care attendants. Our plaintiff’s lawyers take all these factors into account while preparing injury claims.

We do not rely solely on our own extensive experience in representing people injured in car accidents. As necessary, we turn to professional investigators, medical experts and life care planners to help us build the strongest cases that we can.

Pushing For Resolution And Recovery

We prepare every case as if for trial, knowing that many claims will settle before going to court. However, we do regularly take cases to trial as needed. We make sure that our clients’ opponents are fully aware that we will take cases as far as they need to go.

Along the way, our clients may need to decide to accept a settlement offer or take a case before a judge. At all stages of a personal injury case, we work to educate and inform our clients so that when a moment of decision comes, they will be ready to act in their own best interests.

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