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Premises Liability Lawyer

Lawson Law, P.C., is devoted to fighting premises liability cases in Georgia. If you need a reliable, dependable, hard-working premises liability attorney, willing to take your case to trial, instead of settling for the quick offer, then call us.

Why Do You Need An Attorney After A Slip-And-Fall Accident?

The right premises liability attorney understands that to build a strong case for premises liability against a landowner, the landowner’s knowledge of prior criminal activity is critical. In many cases, not only do the landowners know of the prior criminal conduct and fail to address it, but they’ll also fail to provide adequate security when they know of previous severe harm. For instance, some convenient stores located in high crime areas and have experienced violent crime at their location, simply refuse to provide any security apparatus to protect customers from known dangers.

We work hard to establish all of the facts that support your case. We work diligently to obtain the most value in your premises liability case.

Some Basic Information About Premises Liability Cases

An effective premises liability attorney in Georgia can help uncover liability and establish justice in cases where landowners are at fault for maintaining unsafe premises. Premises liability cases happen in places where businesses have invited the public to their establishment for business and failed to adequately protect the public from known dangers.

Common Places Where Premises Liability Cases Often Arise

  • Apartment complexes
  • Shopping Center parking lots
  • Mall parking lots
  • Restaurants and parking lots
  • Nightclub parking lots

In some forms, premises liability cases arise because prior crime creates a dangerous known condition on business property, and the owner fails to provide adequate protection. Some other forms of premises liability cases often arise from businesses negligence to keep their property in good repair or maintenance. This neglect often leads to customers having accidents or coming in contact with known dangers or hazards on the business property that cause the customers harm. Examples of other types of premises liability cases in Georgia are:

With the right legal representation from Lawson Law, P.C., you can fight a premises liability case with the help of premises liability attorney and get the justice that you deserve. We practice throughout Georgia seeking justice for injured victims.

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