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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

A serious dog bite case may seriously impact your lifestyle. A bite from an infected dog can even be life-threatening. If you or a loved one has been attacked by a dog, you must seek immediate medical attention. A professional dog bite injury lawyer from Lawson Law, P.C., can help you evaluate your case against the owner of the dog medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other compensations that you may be entitled to.

We use our experience as dog bite attorneys to help you:

  • Investigate your case against the responsible party
  • Including any history of prior attacks of the pet
  • Depose all necessary witnesses including experts
  • Prepare all pleadings, motions and legal documents
  • Fight the case in court
  • Fulfill the necessary requirements for a final settlement

A Dog Bite Case IsDeserves Immediate Attention

Because there is no guarantee that any canine has been vaccinated against diseases, any victim of a dog bite case must seek immediate medical attention to reduce or eliminate any potential risk of infection. Of course, any dog bite injury lawyers may explain that in cases of more serious injuries where the wounds appear life-threatening time is also equally of the essence and emergency medical services must be sought.

What Should You Do In Such Cases? Let Us Tell You — No Cost.

At Lawson Law, P.C., we are professional dog bite injury lawyers who seek justice for our clients. We are dog bite attorneys familiar with all the legal procedures needed to justice against the owners of dogs who have repeatedly harmed people. It is possible that insurance companies will try to devalue the amount of compensation due to you if you are the victim of a dog bite case. You have the full right to fight your case without any legal representation.

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